Tin Hut at University of Iowa

In the summer of 1960 (at the end of his first year of teaching at UW-L), Jack received a research fellowship at the University of Iowa through the National Science Foundation (NSF). Instead of spending our summer frolicking with the Stewarts on Middle Eau Claire Lake, we found ourselves crammed into married student housing on the fringes of the U of Iowa campus.

Like an army barracks, there were double rows of low box-like buildings with corrugated aluminum siding. Each building housed two small apartments. With few trees to shade the complex, our poorly ventilated apartment baked in the sun all day. I recall how hot and stifling it was—even at night!

Cindy made friends and took Jean with her to play in some nearby woods. For me, there was not much escape—from the heat or the homesickness. Evenings and weekends were more enjoyable. Families gathered in the playground area to visit, play games, and chat while the kids charged around. It made life easier, knowing we were all in the same boat.

I was so happy when it was time to return to La Crosse and get re-settled!

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