Helen and Mimmi Move to Town

When I was in high school, Mimmi and Helen moved to Eau Claire into a house they had built on Ferry Street. I think that my mom put her foot down and told my dad that he needed to figure something out. I don’t know what happened … but I knew that something happened.

Mimmi was very bossy and Helen was picky. So maybe Mom got tired of being bossed around. Or maybe with two more young children in the home, she just yearned to be in charge of her own household.

The transition was amicable. Helen had the financial means to buy the house and the two of them loved having plenty of room to spread out their sewing projects. A large loom occupied one room.

About the time that I graduated from high school, Helen married Jake Hughes, a widower who she met at the Department of Transportation. He moved into the Ferry Street house and Mimmi continued to live with them.

That house had many coocoo clocks … and even more dolls! Helen’s extensive antique doll collection was displayed in vintages armoires and china cabinets. Jake indulged her hobby, and they spent a lot of time driving around looking for antiques. Over time, the house became very cramped.

Aunt Helen and Uncle Jake became very important figures in my life … and later were like a third set of grandparents to my children. They doted on my kids just like Helen doted on me.

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