War Games on the Schoolyard

I went to a one-room schoolhouse with 12-20 kids from 1st to 8th grade. I was a competitive scholar. My dad bragged that I was quick as a whip with numbers! No one could keep up with me … sometimes, not even the teacher.

I won 1st Place in the Eau Claire County Achievement Contest. My prize was that Fern Johnson (2nd Place Winner) and I took a trip with the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent to the Wisconsin State competition. Fern and I got to stay in a hotel together (with a chaperone). It was very exciting … except that I had to take another test.

The schoolyard was a rough-and-tumble place. At recess, the boys would attack the girls—I didn’t stand for that. Tall for my age, I could kick with the best of them. They didn’t mess with me for long! And the other girls sided with me. Sometimes e also divided our War Games teams based on the Holsteins versus the Guernseys (what type of cow each family owned)—it was usually an even split. Whatever game we played, recess was generally a rowdy affair!

In retrospect, I feel sorry for the poor teacher.

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